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Created in the deep mountain forests of Washington State, this tincture provides a direct line to the cycles of life and death, the darkness, death, and decomposition that ultimately nourish new life, and your ancestors and guides. This is my most esoteric of offerings and I suggest you treat it with respect, creating a ritual around this medicine by giving yourself the space and time to take it and feel its effects on your body. Physically, it acts directly to strengthen your immune system and support your physical body. Spiritually, it connects you deeply to your body, the Earth, and your ancestors, reminding you of what came before and how it nourishes who you are now.

Ingredients: The tincture contains wild sweet after death leaves, wild rattlesnake plantain, and wild turkey tail and boletus mushrooms, in organic and gluten-free LA-made vodka.

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Everything you see here is made by me, with upmost love and care, in a peaceful environment. I formulate and bottle my medicines on the full and new moons. My medicine is one of the kind and seasonal, meaning that I create based on what is locally and seasonally available and abundant. Most medicines are offered only once, except for a select few favorites. 

The plants featured in these medicines are harvested from my home garden or abundant wild sources, with respect for the plants, the human communities where they grow, and the land from which they are harvested. I grow the great majority of the plants in my medicines at home, I do not harvest rare, endangered, nor threatened plants from the wild, and I harvest in a way that supports the life of the plants. Every plant and ingredient included is grown organically, regeneratively, and with great respect for the Earth and all of the beings in my garden. I believe in the importance of nourishing what nourishes us. 

If you have questions about specific medicines, would like to collaborate to create a custom blend, or you're interested in a plant spirit medicine consultation, please contact me. 

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