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Support and strengthen your immune system with a classic fire cider, made with local honey and homegrown herbs.

Fire cider is an oxymel, with an apple cider vinegar and honey base, infused with herbs to boost immune function.

Take as a daily tonic to build the immune system and prevent sickness or take when sick (up to a teaspoon, 3x daily) to shorten recovery time. I find fire cider tasty and drink it by the spoonful, but you can also mix it into a drink or use it as a tangy salad dressing.


As our current situation with corona has progressed, I have refined this formulation and made use of what’s growing and blooming in my garden. This batch does not include elderberry. I do believe that elderberry is safe to use as a preventative medicine (and certainly against all the colds and flus other than corona out there) and likely safe to use with corona, but I’ve run out of my supply for the next few months until the trees produce fruit again!

-Local Raw Wildflower Honey: Honey is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial by nature and is helpful in any illness of this nature.

-Licorice Root: Antiviral, soothes the respiratory system.

-Rosemary: Antimicrobial and promotes relaxation.

-Ginger: Acts on viruses directly by weakening an enzyme they use to penetrate the body’s cell walls

-Rose petals: High in vitamin c, which helps the body fight off colds and flus.

-Manzanita: High in vitamin C and so tasty.

-California Sagebrush: Tasty and antimicrobial, sagebrush relaxes the nervous system, relieves pain, and prevents illness.

-Black Sage: Highly antimicrobial, black sage works directly on the respiratory system.

-Juniper: Antibacterial, antiviral, and tasty.

-Yerba Santa: The expectorant qualities of this sweet native California herb help clear extra fluid in the lungs. Extremely effective but drying on its own, yerba santa is great mixed and softened with elderberry, pitcher sage, rose, and mullein.

-Pitcher Sage: Like all sages, pitcher sage is antimicrobial, but this one is especially sweet and soothing to dry hot irritated mucous membranes.

-Hummingbird Sage: Like all sages, hummingbird sage is antimicrobial, but this one is especially sweet and soothing to dry hot irritated mucous membranes.

-Mullein: Works directly on the lungs, soothing irritation and acting as an expectorant to relieve phlegm and extra fluids.

-Yarrow: Antimicrobial, targets viruses, treats fever, relaxes and reduces by improving blood circulation. Protects physical and energetic boundaries.

-Nasturtium: Adds some “fire” to this fire cider! Nasturtium is antimicrobial, improves red blood cell count, and supports the respiratory system.

Ingredients: local raw wildflower honey, apple cider vinegar, licorice root, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, rose petals, manzanita, California sagebrush, black sage, juniper, yerba santa, pitcher sage, mullein, yarrow, nasturtium flowers

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Everything you see here is made by me, with upmost love and care, in a peaceful environment. I formulate and bottle my medicines on the full and new moons. My medicine is one of the kind and seasonal, meaning that I create based on what is locally and seasonally available and abundant. Most medicines are offered only once, except for a select few favorites. 

The plants featured in these medicines are harvested from my home garden or abundant wild sources, with respect for the plants, the human communities where they grow, and the land from which they are harvested. I grow the great majority of the plants in my medicines at home, I do not harvest rare, endangered, nor threatened plants from the wild, and I harvest in a way that supports the life of the plants. Every plant and ingredient included is grown organically, regeneratively, and with great respect for the Earth and all of the beings in my garden. I believe in the importance of nourishing what nourishes us. 

If you have questions about specific medicines, would like to collaborate to create a custom blend, or you're interested in a plant spirit medicine consultation, please contact me. 

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